The Co-comprovisation Workshop

Music for the 21st Century....through the art of co-comprovisation.

Michael Pennington, Percussion, and David Belzer, Keyboards, have co-founded a musical art form which is ages ahead of our time and will become the pre-eminent compositional method of history:


"We are not creators of the music.  We are conduits for the music.

"We tune our hearts and ears to silence...then we play what we hear.

"All music is composed, orchestrated, performed, and recorded live...without sheet music or rehearsel. 

"Our music has been described as ambient, new age, classical, jazz, ethereal, sound-effected, orchestral, organic, tribal, cinematic, dreamlike, and we-don't-know-what-it-is.

"To us, the music is a soundtrack for life."

  Hear the music in streaming audio at:

"We Paint With Sound" at Soundcloud

Check out our music video:

"Co-comprovisation: Music for the 21st Century"

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The Mike n Dave Channel

Tha Avant Garde Dogs

The Saint Bees Group

The Aleatoreadors